Dust to Dust

 Material World

Ryan Mitchell Boyle, Rachel Duvall, and Vince Skelly

December 10 - January 7, 2018

Artist reception: Friday, December 14, 6:00 - 9:00 pm

Material World highlights the work of Ryan Mitchell Boyle, Rachel Duvall, and Vince Skelly, three west coast artists who explore materiality, form, and the intersection of art and functional object.

Ryan Mitchell Boyle is based in Portland, Oregon. His work fuses together sculptural object, fashion, and improvisational movement. His clothing and accessory line Collect Call employs bold color, shape, and unexpected materials. 

Rachel DuVall is a Los Angeles based textile artist making hand-woven works. Her geometric compositions explore the grid structure inherent to weaving, the result of the warp and weft fibers intersecting. By using repetition of line and shape, the work investigates the relationship between the rigid framework required to produce a weaving and the flexible imperfect nature of the resulting material. Within this repetition the subtlest differences become amplified, such as the variation in tension of each hand woven line, or subtle color shifts achieved with by hand dyed fibers. 

Vince Skelly is a Portland woodworker and designer. His wood forms are reminiscent of building blocks and  function as both sculpture and furniture. His pieces are an intuitive response to the raw material.

Ryan Boyle

Ryan Boyle